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The Adventure Therapy program provides individual and group therapy services in a creative way using the principles of learning through experience. This program is focused on building youth's ability to manage challenges in their life through developing what's called resilience. The adventure therapy program supports youth in developing skills to navigate home and school successfully.

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Program Focus:

Resilience describes someone going through a difficult situation and becoming stronger as a result. Our youth have often developed strengths they may not be aware of. Our program is focused on helping youth to identify and develop these strengths.


The Areas We Focus on Include:

Self-Control/Managing Emotions

Connection/Relationship Development

Competency/ Skill Development

Contribution/ Purpose

Program Activities


Youth will participate in one group therapy session per week. In these sessions, we will participate in activities such as group team building, hiking, outdoor exploration, and others that are designed to help us build community and work on our goals


Youth will participate in one individual therapy session per month with the program Clinician in order to talk about how things are going in groups and progress toward their goals for therapy.


Youth will work regularly with an Adventure Engagement Coach 1:1 to get support, practice skills, and stay focused on their goals. These may be in-person sessions in your school, home, or community or maybe check-ins by phone or virtual meeting platform.

*minimum of two per month


Do You Know a High School Student Who Needs Extra Help? Please Reach Out!

SOAR offers a community-based alternative to wilderness therapy when traditional talk therapy is not working and the intensity and cost of wilderness therapy is a barrier. 

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